The Tick: Future Shock – Comic Proposal

The Tick: Future Shock

The Tick: Future Shock is a comic book mini-series proposed to New England Comics to correspond with the 20th anniversary of the first Tick comic being published.


Future Shock is the story of the Tick’s adventures in a dark future dystopia where the heroes and villains of his time have been transformed into slaves of the state. The Tick is thrown into the middle of a conflict between the oppressive future government and the underground resistance led by a familiar face: Arthur. Arthur, in the Tick’s absence, has become the leader of a small but daring group of freedom fighters called the Angels of Vigilance, but more popularly known as the Moth Men. The Tick must join with Arthur in freeing the shackled heroes and bringing about the downfall of the regime lead by the evil disciplinarian Commander Firstborn.


Proposal Submission

Concept Cover Art by Mychal Allen


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