Spiketown – Comic

Spiketown is a comic series developed in partnership with Recognize Media. My role was as series writer and collaborative world builder.


Issue one script


The world of tomorrow is here. All over the planet, strange and amazing events have already begun to change the face of human history. One place where change is most evident is the small but bustling city-state of Spiketown. Built on an ever-growing island scant kilometres offshore of North America, Spiketown serves as a hub for some of the largest and most radically experimental technology companies the world has ever known. It houses beneath its streets a maze of factories and industrial complexes connected to a vast catacomb of tunnels drilled long ago for unknown purpose.

Weird science, super-powers, street violence, chrome towers, gumshoes, gadgets, shopping carts, wandering saints, martial arts, corporate espionage, gothic rock, burning men, ghosts that walk, sidewalk art, raising hell, coloured lights and musty smells – all of these and more are wrapped up in one great big, noisy, dirty, yet oddly compelling package that is the city of Spiketown.

Spiketown is a city of divisions: divisions between those who live above the level of the street and those who dwell below, divisions between normal people and those gifted with unusual abilities, divisions between the safe shelter of science and the unknown shores beyond. It is a place where the mega-corporations wage war in a struggle for fiscal superiority, and criminal gangs fight a mirror battle on the streets and alleys of Oldtown. How will these divisions transform the city of Spiketown? Can it even survive the process?

Spiketown is a city of stories each one made from the interconnected lives of its citizens. Spiketown is the story of Forrester, a man trying to deal with the failure of his dream who is given a new lease on life in the form of an unexpected and unusual offer: to lead a newly formed government sponsored super-team. Spiketown is the story of Replay ,a woman transformed by science from a world-class athlete into a holographic assassin. Spiketown is the story of Tangent, a teenage prodigy whose intuitive  understanding of physics allows her to manipulate the fabric of space, but can’t help her deal with the pressures of growing up. As the team grows and more members join, their stories too become a part of the greater story that is Spiketown, as do the stories of all of the people whose lives they touch. Whether it is the vigilante who goes to Faustian lengths to satisfy his thirst for justice, or the young anarchist who turns his talent for destruction towards survival on the mean streets, their stories become bright threads woven into the rich tapestry that is the city of Spiketown.

Concept artwork by Myke Allen


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