Mandatory Upgrade – X Marks The Spot

Ironic Iconic Studios’ first self-published game, “Mandatory Upgrade – X Marks the Spot” is an exciting new story-based game that was originally released in March 2016 on Android tablets, Facebook, and the web through the Story Worlds platform. A new “Upgraded Version” is in the works to be released as a standalone game for PC in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!

In X Marks the Spot, the first in the Mandatory Upgrade series of games, you assume the role of Special Agent Rachel Varley, a new agent fresh out of training and thrown into the middle of an investigation of a suspicious death at the West Harbour Complex, the Central Canadian headquarters of the North American Security and Intelligence Agency. As Special Agent Varley, you will have to use your wits and technical prowess to unravel the mystery of why a mechanized SWAT suit suddenly ran amok and killed a fellow agent. You won’t be alone in this task though, you will be assisted by your drone Osprey and your Virtual Personal Assistant, the always sassy Brigid. Will you be able to get to the heart of the mystery and still manage to escape in one piece?



Mandatory Upgrade website




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