The Infinity Formula – Board Game

A board game created in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2012 by Chris Tihor, Brandon Bey, and Christer Kaitila, with help from Allister McRae. My role on the project is game designer, writer, and graphic artist.

Game Design Doc Excerpt


You are an alchemist, born with a thirst to create items of magic and wonder. Armed with an ancient tome of forbidden knowledge, you and your fellow graduate s are about to set out on a grand adventure to explore the world and discover formulae of power. It is time to leave the confines of the College of Applied Alchemical Arts and fulfil your destiny: to become the greatest Alchemist of all!


Discover map locations that generate the elements required to craft alchemical formulae. Collect them to fulfil formulas, but try not to mix the wrong ingredients or your apothecary lab will blow up!

How to play


Shuffle the formula cards and terrain tiles. Ensure that all terrain tiles are facing down with their icons hidden. Place the bottom of the game box on the right and fill it with the square ingredient chips.

Draw one formula card and place it face up on the table: this is the public “guild formula”. Any player can fulfil the requirements for this formula at any time, earning a point for doing so.

Draw one more formula card, also placed face up, and place it next to the game box. This is the “explosive formula”. Any player unfortunate enough to have the elements listed on this card will experience a laboratory accident: all their elements will blow up in their face and be lost.

Deal three formula cards to each player face down. They keep these secret from the other players. The remaining formula cards are placed face down for use during the game as the formula deck. Whenever a player completes a formula they draw a new one from this pile.

Place the one terrain tile that contains a picture of a castle in the centre of the table. This is the Alchemical college.

All players begin on this tile. Place the player tokens on it. The game is ready to play!

The player with the nearest birthday starts first, with the rest following in clockwise order.

The Infinity Formula – Version 1.5


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