Puppy Pirates – Social Network Game

A social network game developed at Backstage Games (now Blastworks). I performed writing and game design and I was responsible for world-building, character design, story treatment, and designing adventures and other content. I was also lead developer for a web-based content management system for use with all of their games.

Game Bible Excerpt

Come aboard and sail the high seas with your crew of canine companions, as you battle the wicked Pedigree Empire for treasure and glory!

The World of Puppy Pirates
Puppy Pirates takes place in the fictional world of the Endless Isles based on Europe and the Caribbean during the golden age of piracy in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Endless Isles are populated by a race of seafaring puppies and dominated by the Pedigree Empire, a tyrannical collection of kingdoms ruled by snobby pure-breeds. The Player starts in the Outcast Islands on the very edge of the Empire. As the game continues, they will be able to travel to other areas, slowly travelling closer to the heart of the Pedigree Empire – to greater and greater dangers, and to greater and greater rewards. Along the way, they will run into a number of enemies including the Empire’s naval commanders for each of the regions. They will have to face each of the commanders in turn, until they find themselves face to face with the head of the navy himself: FLEET ADMIRAL SIR JAMES BASKERVILLE. The Player will also meet friends along the way. QUARTERMASTER SCRAPS will be a loyal ally,giving advice and encouragement along the way. CALICO JACK will appear with dramatic flair at key points to inspire the Player and continue with his personal mission to taunt and torment FLEET ADMIRAL BASKERVILLE. Spying activities may bring the Player in contact with spy-mistress BONNIE ANNE.

Character Descriptions
SCRAPS MACKIE, the Quartermaster
Gender/Breed: Male, Mixed
Summary: An old and flinty mutt, Scraps has lived the pirate life for a dog’s age and has seen it all. His rough and gruff exterior hides a paternal care for the Player and he will do his best to offer sound and practical advice to help the Player succeed in the Endless Isles while remaining in one piece.
Role/Type: Quartermaster – Supporting Protagonist
Game Integration
Scraps will feature in some of the narrative interlude comics between stages. His primary appearance should be on the inventory/store screens, where he will offer advice on purchases and descriptions of items. He may also be used in help screens dealing with the inventory/store interfaces.
Sample Dialogue
“That Jack is a flashy fool, and that’s no word of a lie. Still, he does give those Imperial stuffed-shirts a run for their money,so he’s not all bad, I reckon. Just don’t ever tell him I said so, or we’ll never hear the end of it.”
Artists’ Notes:
Scraps is a real mutt – no particular breed stands out,although he tends towards a short-haired Yorkshire or West Highland White Terrier with a squashed-looking face that makes him look perpetually grumpy. He wears functional and conservative clothing: a fisherman’s cap, plain white shirt, waistcoat, blue canvas trousers and solid, round-toed boots. He employs a heavy, cudgel-like cane.


Concept Art


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