Philosophy Face-off!

Philosophy Face-Off! is a 2D top-down multi-player arena style game initially developed during OrcaJam 2013 by myself, Jonathon Cobb, Lantana Turundu, and Max Loy. I was game and level designer on this project.


Players compete to see who can be the first to achieve their philosophical goal. Each player has a different outlook on life and therefore a different goal. See how quickly you can achieve your own goal while interfering with the efforts of your opponents! The goals are as follows:

  • Neutralist – “Good things come to those who wait” – The player wins if their timer runs out before another player wins.
  • Philanthropist – “It is better to give than to receive” – The player wins by collecting x coins and giving them to other players.
  • Misanthropist – “Nasty, brutish & short” – The player wins by stealing x coins from other players.
  • Capitalist – “A penny saved is a penny earned” – The player wins by collecting x coins and depositing them in their bank.


All players play simultaneously on the same screen in one of a number of pre-designed levels. Each player has a predominant colour in their palette: red, green, blue, etc. Players can only interact with items that glow with the same colour as them. If a player cannot interact with an object, it remains greyed out and part of the background. Players have a limited range of vision represented by a glowing aura. Any items outside of this aura are invisible. Other players and walls are visible to everyone. (Invisible walls that need to be illuminated to be seen may be a future addition)


Philosophy Face-Off! page

Global Game Jam Page

Play Now on Kongregate!



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