Grimistar is a funny and unconventional 2D space shooter game initially developed during TOJam13 in 2017 by myself, Rocco Commisso, Brian Wong, and George Kallika. I was programmer and writer on this project.


Grimistar has come to destroy all! Can you beat it? No. Not even close. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try…

Take on the role of the brave pilot. No, no. Make that the BRAVEST pilot EVER, as you face the swarms of the evil space tyrant Grimistar!


Up, down, left, right.

The ship will handle the shooting.

Press “SPACEBAR” to progress dialog and to start the game.

Watch out for Grimistar’s evil forces, asteroids, and even your fuel consumption. Enemy ships come in various shapes and sizes. They will fire at you from all directions AT ALL TIMES! Asteroids will whiz towards you at breakneck speed. Finally, make sure you don’t shoot the precious fuel canisters that dot the space-way.

LINKS: page – download here